Special-purpose machines for winding and converting

We design machines directly suited to your needs

Automatic Machines

Machines designed for high production capacity offering central or tangential winding for both coreless winding as well as winding on paper cores.

By default, automatic converting machines are equipped with automatic roll feed, automatic material cutting, an automatic system for guiding material onto a new roll, automatic roll termination, and the function of applying a label or tape to secure the roll.

Semiautomatic Machines

Machines that are capable of inspecting and marking material defects.

The standard design for winding machines is a central design for roll winding. The machine may be adapted for coreless winding or expanded with a winding contact arm, with or without a drive. Material is guided onto the winding spindle manually.

We can solve problems that seem impossible

We have figured out how to wind and convert slippery materials.
We have designed technology for fully automated converting that tripled the existing production capacity.
We have made it possible for a client to process extremely different materials on a single machine – from thin, lightweight, and stretchy materials to heavy and stiff ones.

How do we work with clients?

1. Contact and
a process analysis

2. A project proposal
and approval

3. Project planning
and production

4. Assembly, commissioning
and repair/maintenance.

Our certificates

Certifikát Phatec – Top Rating

Certificate Top Rating

This award is given to companies which have kept their D&B Rating at the highest possible value of „1" for a period o fat least 12 months.

Highest creditworthiness

We have met the strictest economic evaluation criteria according to the Bisnode statistical predictive model.

ISO Quality Management Certification

All company activities are subject to thorough quality management. We hold ISO 9001 certification.

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