Special-purpose machines for production lines.

We design machines directly suited to your needs

Input Machines

Machines and equipment suitable for controlled feed in production lines for processing fabric. Based on the type of product, we design technology that is optimal for handling the input material.

Unwinding Machines

Machines with single or multiple unwinds, which can be central or tangential. Feeding stacked material.

Material joining technology

Material joining technology that uses stitching or bonding. The joining equipment can be combined with the appropriate unwinding equipment.

Accumulation equipment

Accumulation equipment – such as roller accumulators, U-boxes, J-boxes, tables or conveyors – to ensure that the processing equipment can be in continuous operation.

Edge straightening

Edge straightening – straightening frames, S-straighteners or production line input machines with lateral control.

Machines for Textile Processing

Machines and devices suitable for treating or pretreating textiles in production lines for fabric processing.

Cleaning equipment

Cleaning equipment – mechanically removes impurities from the surface of the material being processed.

Steam treatment

Steam treatment – using steam to activate or restore the input material.

Edge straightening

Edge straightening – for precisely guiding the fabric onto the processing equipment.

IR preheating

IR preheating or surface treatment by melting. We design the type of infrared radiation so as to be optimal for the required treatment and for the material to be processed.

Coating equipment

Equipment for applying coatings based on water, PVC, or glue. The applicators can be equipped with additional systems for greater penetration.

Printing technology

Printing technology – inline flexographic printing.

Lamination and embossing

Laminace a embossing – laminační a embosovací kalandry.

Drying and curing equipment

Drying and curing equipment – the standard design includes equipment for curing or either hot-air or infrared drying at up to 220°C.

Output Machines

Machines and equipment for winding and processing materials.

Accumulation equipment

Roller accumulators – either standard issue or with precision pull control. Various designs.

Longitudinal cutting
and edge trimming

Longitudinal cutting and edge trimming systems – with circular blades, razor blades, or cutting against a tempered roller.

Processing trimmings

Trimmed edges are removed via automation and then wound onto a separate winding machine.

Inspection areas

Inspection areas for visually inspecting products at the end of the production line. Systems for marking defects in the material.

Winding equipment

Standard, semiautomatic, or automatic winding systems with a central or tangential design.

Stacking machine

Stackers – systems for controlled stacking of the product on a trolley or pallet.

We can solve problems that seem impossible

We have figured out how to wind and convert slippery materials.
We have designed technology for fully automated converting that tripled the existing production capacity.
We have made it possible for a client to process extremely different materials on a single machine – from thin, lightweight, and stretchy materials to heavy and stiff ones.

How do we work with clients?

1. Contact and
a process analysis

2. A project proposal
and approval

3. Project planning
and production

4. Assembly, commissioning
and repair/maintenance.

Our certificates

Certifikát Phatec – Top Rating

Certificate Top Rating

This award is given to companies which have kept their D&B Rating at the highest possible value of „1" for a period o fat least 12 months.

Highest creditworthiness

We have met the strictest economic evaluation criteria according to the Bisnode statistical predictive model.

ISO Quality Management Certification

All company activities are subject to thorough quality management. We hold ISO 9001 certification.

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